Salva Mea Salva Mea Salva Mea Salva Mea
  Es wird Morgen

A project by Fzool with some help from Tonek2k

.24/7 music
.own reports and shows
.different kind of musics
.commercial, non-commercial
.c64 and retro shows
.no 'funny' DJs
.no stupid competitions

I (Fzool) remember when Diver and me got a talk about todays situation
of the commerical media at my place. Overall and to make it short, we
thought the whole situation sucks big time! You always hear the same lousy
songs at the local radio stations and nobody cares about the supid jokes
of the so called DJs. A joke of Diver and me was to open a store which is
called "Der gute Laden" (the good store).

After some months and listening to different webradions (e.g., nectarine)
i thought about the idea to make my own radio. But after some research,
and after i have noticed that you have to pay tons of money to the german
GEMA and GVL i dropped the idea.

But then i came up with an idea how to make it financial possible to run such a project and here we go. I asked Tonek2k if he could help me out with some
graphics and as always he said "yes, no problem". But for the first time, i was
not satisfied with the result. So i catch my own photoshop, mixed up two
completly different layouts and i got some result. After that i send it again
to Tonek2k and he changed a few things and now i am working on the
backend of this one.

Check the features on the left side to get a short overview about the project!
By the way. The name is taken from a song from the german pop band 2raumwohnung.