Salva Mea Salva Mea Salva Mea Salva Mea
BenJam   music, graphics
Diver   video, graphics
eHa   music
Fzool   graphics, website
Heinmukk   music, code
MadenMann   code, PR, logs
TB   code, music
Tonek2k   graphics, website
xtu   photograph
Here we are - friends of the Dragon.

We all are proud members of Salva Mea. Our individual capabilities merge to an incredible amount of creative potential. Look at our member list to get a quick overview of our professions, platforms and other details. We are different, we follow the Dragon. Following a very distinguished path we define our very own meaning of what we want the demoscene to be.

If you sense the call of the Dragon deep inside of you, too -
feel free to contact us.